The Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro Reviews

For all people who want to work on the upper trunk of their bodies and also develop the core of their body, the perfect fitness AB carver pro is the customized solution. This novel tool can be used by both men and women who want to achieve their dream look. This gadget can train the arms, the shoulders, the chest, the back and the abdominal muscles.


Fantastic features of the perfect fitness AB carver pro

Wide rubber wheels

The wide rubber wheel offers increased support during exercise. This means that working on your abdominal muscles becomes the priority, and you don’t have to hit the floor with your face during the exercises. This feature is unique to this tool; traditional ab wheels have thin wheels making them uncomfortable to use. The wide wheel also enables the wheel to become angled making the exercise of the abdominal oblique muscles possible while maintaining balance. The wheel can be used on different surfaces with ease; the wheel and be used on carpets or the hard floor.

The internal carbon steel spring

This feature in not a sales gimmick, it is an added feature that sets this body-building tool aside from previous models. When working out with this gadget, you will notice that there is increased resistance while working your way down. You will also notice that there is assistance and shoulder and back support when working u your way up to the starting point.

 Stylish handles

The ergonomic handles are shaped like bike handlebars, making it a one of its kind fitness paraphernalia. The handles enable the arms to work more on supporting you as opposed to getting support from the back and shoulders.

Rubberized Grips

The two rubberized grips make it possible for you to carve out a particular area of the body by enabling you to lean on your preferred side. The rubberized grip also enhances the grip on the wheel; this means that even sweaty palms will not affect the quality of exercise.


This device is designed in such a way that it is easy to carry and store. Therefore you can carry it with you if you want to take to the gym for use. It is also light making it easy to transport.

Accompanied by amazing add-ons

The AB wheel comes with foam knee pads that of high quality making their usage convenient. Another incredible add-on feature is a free copy of guidelines that offers crucial suggestions to beginners. The guide booklet also contains a comprehensive 21-day workout program.

Easy to assemble

Upon purchase, it is easy to assemble the AB wheel from the box. No expert is needed to perform the assembly

Accommodates a broad range of users

This gadget can be used by beginners, intermediate and pros with incredible efficacy. All these categories can successfully develop health abdominal muscles while using the perfect AB carver pro.

How to use the perfect AB carver pro

This tool can be used by anyone who wants to start or accentuate their workout regimen.

How to use the perfect AB carver pro as an amateur;

If you are starting out on your workout routine, this gadget is very efficient and user-friendly when it comes to beginners. For you to get the maximum value during your workout, you need to align yourself between 20 to 30 centimeters from the wall with your feet touching the wall. The aim of making sure that your feet touch the wall is to control the rolling. In order to enjoy maximum movement and exercise, ensure that your thighs are about 60° to 70° apart.


How to use the perfect AB carver pro as an intermediate

For you to become an intermediate, it means that you have considerable knowledge of how to use this gadget. It also means that you have been on a workout routine for some time. In such a case, you do no need to support yourself against the wall. With your thighs at 45°, you need to roll for a longer distance that at amateur level for you to get the most out of your workout.

How to use the perfect AB Carver Pro as a professional

This fantastic gadget is can also accommodate the reputed body-builders. In fact, if you are a pro, there are some tips and tricks that you could try out to increase the scope of your exercises.

Rolling back and forth

Unlike the amateurs and the intermediaries, you may roll forward for about 5 seconds and then roll back and take another 5 seconds. The rolling level that you seek to achieve is solely based on the level of your flexibility.

Carving out for the first time

Carving in this context refers to the ability to swerve to the right or the left while working out with this gadget. When carving for the first time, it is necessary to even out the cycles. That means, five carves to your left and five carves to your right. Do not do it very fast because you may get an abdominal injury or even strain your lower back. It is imperative to state that the exercise of carving is used to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles.

Drawbacks associated with the perfect AB carver pro


This gadget may be stylish, but it does not come cheap. It costs about $40.00 while more reasonable alternatives cost about $25.00 or even less. Check out the latest price from

Limited number of exercises

The AB carver can perform a limited amount of activities. The primary focus of this wheel is the development of abdominal muscles.

Reduced weight support

The wheel is not compatible with the heavier exercisers, in fact, the wheel bows a bit, making the training uncomfortable.

The manual can only be accessed online

Unlike other purchasable gadget, this particular commodity does not come with a handbook. Instead, you are given a link from where you will need to download the manual from.


The perfect AB Carver Pro is a superior gadget that offers unquestionable fitness training to not only the core of the body but also to the upper body.