Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is making the rounds in the weight loss circles of the internet. What is Pure Garcinia Cambogia? Does it hold up to the hype? Find out here.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia


Malibar Tamarind

Garcinia Cambogia comes from an Indonesian fruit call Malabar Tamarind. If you’ve heard of this supplement, the first thing you heard might have been its weight loss properties. There is currently plenty of hype about this supplement and its uses. It appears that some people swear by it, claiming sufficient research. However, if you were to perform some research on your own, you might find the opposite to be true.

As of July 2015, there isn’t sufficient research to clearly support any claims about garcinia’s effectiveness. The active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, is found in the rind of the fruit. The claim is that this is the chemical that boosts weight loss and appetite suppression in people. Furthermore, they say it has two other effects. One, it blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase and two, to it raises serotonin levels.

Citrate Lyase and Serotonin

Citrate lyase handles fat creation in the body. It doesn’t take an intelligent leap to say if this enzyme is blocked, your body won’t create fat. If it doesn’t produce fat, the only thing your body can do is keep what you already have or lose it. You won’t gain any because your body can’t create any.

Serotonin is a hormone the causes your brain to think you are full. Consequently, if your serotonin levels were artificially raised, logic states that you won’t be hungry because your appetite will be suppressed. So the entire claim is that Garcinia Cambogia not only puts fat creation on hold, but it also suppresses appetite. Combine the two effects and you have a weight loss supplement.


The next claim is that garcinia cambogia helps your body process glucose. As you’re aware, glucose synthesis is the problem we see in people with Type II diabetes. The mice in the experience had lower insulin levels than those of the control group, and the claim is that if mice can process glucose better, than so can humans. Moreover, there are also claims that Garcinia can lower LDL cholesterol by reducing your triglyceride count and raise HDL cholesterol. LDL is considred the “bad” cholesterol while HDL is the “good” that your body needs.


Garcinia cambogia has the support of some medical professionals. One company, presumably in the United Kingdom, is selling the supplement as Garcinia Cambogia Extra. They combine the extract from the Malabar Tamarind with raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketone, found in—you guessed it—raspberries, regulates the body’s creation of adiponectin. Adiponectin handles your metabolism. The bottom line here is more adiponectin equals less fat in the body.


Every measurement on the site is given in the metric system, so this leads me to believe that this is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is a public health and safety governmental agency in the United States. In fact, in 2009, the FDA warned against the use of garcinia cambogia due to possible liver damage. Furthermore, the web page may quote medical physicians and other healthcare professionals, but they don’t have any information about themselves on the website—which is one of the first things I look for when I review anything. This lack of information takes away much of the credibility it would otherwise have.

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