Sometimes, it is embarrassing when you notice that you have wrinkles on the face, body or the hands. The wrinkles may be accompanied by the presence of thin lines and age spots. The hands, the area around the eyes and the neck are the areas of the body that suffer the effects first. There are some tips that you can use in the prevention of appearance and forming of the wrinkles. The tips are simple but need to be included in the daily beauty routine. As the skin ages, it tends to lose moisture and also elasticity. The passage of time is usually marked by the wrinkles and aging spots on the skin. As mentioned earlier, the issue is easy to prevent. Dermatologists give solutions and tips to prevent the formation of both wrinkles and aging spots on the skin.

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Protect the skin from the sun

Baby Steps - The Journey of A Lifetime Aging of the skin is characterized by the appearance and formation of thin lines, wrinkles and aging spots. There is increased inflammation in the skin and reduced production of the hormone collagen. The skins ability in water retention also goes down. These factors are thus encouraging the formation of wrinkles and spots on the face and other skin parts including the neck and the hands. Sun damage can reduce collagen production in the body. Also, too much exposure leads to UV Rays on the skin. The skin may get dry and flaky and later develop the thin lines. Use of wrinkle creams that work and skin protection are both effective in prevention of wrinkle formation.

Eat, Drink, and Slather on the Antioxidants

Exposure of the body to the sun may lead to the damages caused by UV Rays. If the rays get their way into the skin through the absorption process, then there is the creation of free radicals. Free radicals have effects on the DNA that result to mutation. Consequently, this can cause mutation that result to wrinkles formation on the skin. Antioxidants are required to avoid these harmful effects of the radicals. It is good and vital to combat the effects of the free radicals by eating those foods with more antioxidants. Include beverages that are rich in the same. Using wrinkle creams that work is also essential. You need to go for those that have antioxidants in them. Use green tea, blue berries, more fruits and vegetables.

Massage the Face with Omega 3

Intracellular repair is essential for the prevention of the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Oils that have Omega 3 as a component are essential for the role. These oils include egg oil, milk cream and almond oil. There are fish products that have good smell. Do not avoid those that have unpleasant smell.

Splash Cold Water on Your Face

The habit should be repeated every morning. It helps in the stimulation of the micro-circulation and also regeneration of the dermal membrane. You can also fill the mouth with some water too as you splash the water on the face to ensure you stretch the facial skin. The tip is essential for reduction of appearance of wrinkles and their formation on the face.

Wear Sunglasses Regularly

The thin lines and wrinkles are more likely to start forming and appearing on the areas around the eye. For this reason, use of the glasses will give the eyes extra protection by preventing the damage of the skin by exposure to the sun. In addition, it prevents squinting which is a cause of wrinkles formation.

Sleep on Your Back on a Beauty Pillow

Sleeping with your head crushing and buried on a pillow is a wrong idea. It causes some lines on the face that may get permanent. On the other hand, sleeping on the back will prevent wrinkles as it will keep the head and the face from crushing into the pillow.

Use a Good Moisturizer around the Eyes, Hands and Neck

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The face needs and requires a lot of care to avoid the formation of the wrinkles. The eyes need the use of Wrinkle creams that work to avoid the formation of wrinkles or the thin lines. Use the moisturizer on the hands and neck too as the areas are also commonly affected by wrinkles.

Stop Smoking

Excessive wrinkling is common in people who heavily smoke. Others who smoke less regularly are also likely to suffer from premature wrinkling. The habit of smoking is dangerous to the skin as the nicotine contributes to lines and wrinkles formation. Quit to avoid formation of the wrinkles and aging spots.


Eventually, age will cause wrinkling and age spotting on the skin. However, you can prevent the premature wrinkling and also delay the time when the lines and wrinkles appear. Use of a proper routine for skin care is one way. In addition, the tips are essential in the prevention of formation of wrinkles on the face and the body. Take more care on the areas that are first to be affected by wrinkling. Do not forget the face, the neck and the eye area.