Going For Eyelash Extensions: This Can Result In Cosmetic Nightmare

In the world over, there is a never ending ruckus on the need for longer and thicker eyelashes. This is because it has become a silent aesthetic rule that beauty is not beauty unless it is accompanied by long and thick eyelashes. This has prompted women to try out different eyelash enhancing methods that range from the application of mascara to fake eyelashes and most recently, the eyelash extensions.  At this juncture it is the eyelash extensions that we are interested in.  This article will take you through the unknown and grave repercussions that can befall you through the eye lash extensions.

eye lash extensions in Women

But before then, let us first find out what eyelash extensions are.

Eyelash extensions

Samantha Escobar, a beauty expert, defines eyelash extensions as the attachment of synthetic lashes, one at a time, to your eyelashes using an adhesive. This helps make your lashes as long as you would want them to be. The good thing with these lashes is that they in all sizes and colors and hence are an ideal for all people.  In addition, they save you from the daily hustle of applying mascara or attaching fake eyelashes. Oh and they last for up to two months!

The downside

However, although this procedure may sound like the best thing that was ever invented, it can also be disastrous. This is because wrong attachment or wrong glue can end up in the loss of eyelashes, eye infections and in extreme cases even blindness. In essence they can end up in cosmetic nightmares. You honestly don’t want to spend a fortune on the lashes then have to always wear sunglasses because your eyelids are swollen or because your eyes are infected. Worse still you don’t want to lose the little eyelashes you have. They at least allow you apply mascara or attach fake eyelashes. The point is that you should keenly cross check before you get the extensions.

The following eyelash extensions tips will help you avoid the possible side effects that can crop from eyelash extensions.

  1. Only go for a qualified person

Now, this process is complex. This is why Sophy Merszei who runs NovaLash, an eyelash technician certification company in Texas, advices that you should never compromise when it comes to the choice expert. This is because it is only an expert who will be able to identify the best adhesive that will not contain products like formaldehyde that has been known to cause eye irritation. Also, the expert will be able to attach the lashes without clumping them up. Clumping can place too much pressure on your eyelashes thus making them fall out.

Take for example the case of the singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth. She had to grace a show donning sunglasses because her eyelash extension attachment procedure had gone wrong. The adhesive used had left her with swollen eyelids that she light heartedly described as ‘lips on my eyes”.

Now the case of Kristin is just but a tip of the iceberg, there are a whole lot of other side effects of eyelash extensions. The American academy of ophthalmology lists other effects like loss of eyelashes and cornea infections.

It is in this regard that Philip R. Rizzuto, an eye doctor and communications secretary at the American academy of ophthalmology emphasizes the need to always cross check a facility and the products before you decide to take up their services. This will help ensure that you get the best eyelashes and the best way in order to avert any infections and loss of eyelashes.

  1. Handle them delicately

After getting your new eyelashes, it is important to take care of them. Notice that most adhesives will only be safe provided that they do not come into contact with your cornea. Therefore you should by all means avoid rubbing your eyelids as this may transfer germs from your hands and the adhesive into the eyes. In addition, you should avoid using mascara as it may dissolve the bond and in so doing reduce the lifespan of the extensions.

  1. Have a professional remove them

Just as it is important to have a trained person attach your lashes, it is equally important to have one remove them.  This is because wrong removal of the extensions can cause alopecia traction which will in turn damage your hair follicles. Now, damaged hair follicles will mean that your lashes will not grow back. You must agree that this is among the gravest cosmetic nightmares. I mean, how can you face the world with no eyelashes?


Eyelash extensions have been hyped as the ideal way to get amazing eyelashes. You know like Jenifer Lopez’s? However, they can also lead to mass beauty disaster if they are not attached, handled and removed properly. This discourse has explained, in a nutshell, what you should do in order to avert adverse aftermaths like eyelash loss, eye infections and irritations that can result from the extensions.