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Not everything about leading a healthy lifestyle should be about work. While there is work involved, taking a break a relaxing is just as important. Relaxing eases the mind of daily stresses. Relaxing can be taking on a DIY project or relaxing to some soothing sounds over a cup of hot tea. Take a break. You work hard. You deserve it.

This section is full of ideas on how to utilize your time as you take a break from the daily turmoil of life. When you do something for yourself, such as recycling CDs into a DIY project, you end up rejuvenated with a sense of accomplishment. That’s our goal here. If your idea of a lazy afternoon means getting out scrapbooking materials and memorializing your last family vacation, that’s exactly what you should do. The last thing you should do when you relax is work hard at it. Relaxing is about you, not anyone else. You might find it helpful to turn off your cell phone and go behind closed doors with the knowledge that you have the whole day to yourself.

Relaxing does not have to be boring, and we aim to prove that. That’s why we’ve included DIY projects, and even stories to make sure that you return to the world relaxed and rejuvenated. Our entire purpose of existing is so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Resting is a major part of that. That’s why we’ve created this section. We created it so you know just how important relaxing is, and what it means to rest.

Lazy Bee: The fall equinox in September marks the height of the Midwestern prairie.