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What does it mean to go on a diet? That is a question that had been asked hundreds of thousands of times over the last 30 to 40 years. There is an increased focus on it for good reason. The catchphrase “you are what you eat” has new meaning when it comes to dieting.

For many people, dieting has a negative connotation. People think of dieting as denying themselves the simple pleasures of life. They may believe that they are restricted to eating a lettuce leaf for lunch. They may think this means they can’t eat what they want. Part of this is true, and part of it is not.

Dieting is not a temporary lifestyle change – as many people think it to be. Many people go on a weight loss diet, hoping to reach a certain weight, and they go right back into the old lifestyle habits once they reach their goal. It is these habits that are never changed that cause us to want to go on a diet to begin with.