7 Biggest Mistakes Man Makes In Bed

When it comes to bed time issues, women always have a certain line of target from their guys. However, most men may be fond of making some avoidable mistakes that puts their ladies off. Some of these mistakes become the core topics in all ladies night outs. Men always back themselves with pep talks and put themselves on the back after a lazy encounter in bed or after a great bedtime encounter respectively. They tend to smug of knowing what their ladies want from them. The reality of the matter is that most men are not as skillful lovers as they always think to be. Men always make a lot of big mistakes when it comes to fundamentals. Despite the fact that their mistakes are avoidable, they are still making them over and over again. These mistakes are as follows;

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1. Playing silent games

No matter how pleasurable and appealing the bed act circumstances are, most men tend to be really silent during the entire act. This makes their women feel alienated though they may think that everything is okay. This is so because she does not know if she is satisfying him or not. However, do not exaggerate your feelings. Just let your woman know that you are enjoying the company in a genuine way. This can be done through occasional moans and groans.

2. Giving a dashed up foreplay

Most men tend to do the foreplay in unpleasing manner that does not put on their ladies. They breeze and dash through the act with effortless kissing here and caressing there as they go on with the undressing process. All this dashed up process may render them desperate to begin without considering the anticipation of a great act you had before. It’s advisable to take it slowly while enjoying every aspect of the lady you are with before coming into the real act. Ladies always enjoys well placed and organized steps, the undressing and reciprocal oral sex. This may lead to an encounter like no other and perhaps making you to stand a chance for several invitations.

3. Failure to Concentrate on their Partner’s needs

You should always learn the best ways to use to turn your lady on. Pounding away to a lady is never a factor to turn her on. Women are sensitive souls that appreciate nuance, feelings and deep emotions. Therefore, you should vary your speed throughout your bedtime experience which is also a natural way to increase stamina. Always gauge your lady’s response and take it as guidance to the current flow during the act. The greatest thing to put in mind is always sensitize yourself to what she wants and not what you want.

4. Playing it hard with the clitoris

Women always enjoy clitoral stimulation than any other sort of body penetration. Due to increased use of male enhancement supplements, most men are always tired of body penetration while ignoring clitoral stimulation. For those who have got a glimpse of it, they tend to relentlessly rub it thus inducing pain instead of pleasure. The clitoris is a very sensitive part to the extent that too much force may actively induce pain. Therefore, for a great bedtime experience, one is advised to go easy with the clitoris.

5. Not keeping the entire lady’s body in mind

The main aim of having sex in bed is to pleasure the woman you are with. This makes one to focus mostly on one or two parts like the neck and the thigh. This makes one no to look for other ways of pleasing the lady. It’s advisable to have a feel at almost every part of the body while not focusing much on the clitoris. This is because over-stimulation turns out to prove unpleasant. Therefore, keep her body in your mind and make sure you have a variety feel of every point. This always improves body stimulation without necessarily using male’s enhancement supplements. Furthermore, the body stamina is also improved as the mind of you two is at per.

6. Tracing up the G-spot

The Grafenberg spot is widely understood to be a couple of inches up the anterior vaginal wall. The point is closely related to maximum body stimulation. Therefore, one is advised to take it easy with the point as over rubbing and over-caressing makes the whole process less pleasurable.

7. Focusing on orgasm

Men always have the mind of climaxing the occasion knowing the best way to about it. It’s highly advised to closely focus on the way to go about the orgasm issue. Definitely, soft finger process and introduction of a little bit of rough sex with caution is always the key point. Caution should be taken during a roughened up sexual act as being hard surfaces may lead to development of medical complications afterwards.


The general notion puts sex and other bedtime acts as activities that are meant to pleasure and satisfy the body and mind. However, if it’s tackled in the wrong way, it may turn out to be the worst experience ever. Over usage of male enhancement supplements makes one to loose sobriety and may easily disappoint his partner by doing all the above activities. Therefore, it’s a high time to adopt natural ways to increase body stamina in order to maintain a sense of understanding the general requirements for a pleasure blast bedtime experience.