5 Diets That Work Fast

When beginning a diet for weight loss, many people are looking for a plan that works fast. Losing weight too quickly can be unhealthy, resulting in lost muscle mass rather than fat loss. It is important to maintain healthy balanced nutrition and the appropriate calorie intake for your body to function properly and have enough energy for exercise to ensure that you do not have a nutrition deficiency. The following diet plans will help you to achieve a quick result to keep you motivated to continue on your weight loss journey.

5 diet programs

Slim Fast

The name says it all. Slim Fast brand claims its products together with a diet plan are clinically proven to help you lose weight fast! Best known for its original meal replacement shakes, Slim Fast has expanded in the new century to offer a web based diet plan. Slim Fast carries a wide line of products to be used with a balanced diet. The shakes come in an assortment of flavors, and are available in a powder to mix at home, or ready to drink cans and bottles. Slim Fast also carries a variety of meal replacement and snack bars. The products are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help you maintain energy and health while dieting.


Nutrisystem is a popular meal plan best known for its television commercials with endorser Marie Osmond. She has had success with the program and now inspires television viewers to try what has worked for her to lose over 50 lbs quickly. Nutrisystem is a complete mail order diet plan. Meal purchasers can avoid any grocery shopping, and have complete meals delivered directly to their home. Nutrisystem brand foods are customized to meet the nutritional needs of the consumer. The consumer can enjoy balance meals with breads, meats, dairy, vegetables, fruits, and even desserts to satisfy hunger and help keep you on track. This plan requires monetary and dietary commitment, but the benefits of the weight loss and health are surely worth the price, which is comparable to what you might be already spending on groceries in a month.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a time tested program boasted for quick results and lasting change. It has evolved from its very early beginnings. Decades ago, before the age of the internet, Weight Watchers members followed a strict diet that would be adjusted every weeks. Members would attend weekly meetings, in which they would pay dues and record their weights with other members of a support group.

About a decade ago, Weight Watchers added a new point system. Rather than adhering to a strict diet, members are now given a customized limited value of nutritional points. This allows dieters more choice, and encourages healthy decisions. If a dieter would splurge and have a high point treat, then there will be less points left to use at meal and snack times. Now meetings are done also virtually online. Members still pay dues to have access to all the great new tools and apps to keep dieters on track. Food and exercise information and support is all available now for Weight Watchers clients on the web. When members reach their goals, they can enjoy free lifetime membership as long as the goal weight is maintained.

Detox Diets

There are a variety of detox diets out there claiming to help people lose weight quickly, and it is hard to know what is healthy. Many of these detox diets can be dangerous if used for long durations. Many detox diets include liquid fasting, encouraging dieters to consume only water with additives, smoothies, or teas.

While it is true that liquid fasting will have quick weight loss results, the truth is that most of this loss occurs from the passing and emptying of digestive contents, and also from loss of water weight due to reduction in sodium intake. These diets should not be used long term, and do not result in fast fat loss.

The reduction to metabolic function can actually backfire and have a negative affect. When your body is not getting adequate nutrition, it will kick into starvation mode, thereby causing your body to store calories as fat when you do begin eating solid foods again. Be very careful when choosing a detox diet, research them thoroughly, and consult your medical provider to determine a safe amount of time to use liquid fasting.


MyFitnesspal.com is a great tool to help you learn from other dieters. It offers a custom and changing calorie calculator, food and exercise journals, personal profiles and blogging, and a social media platform to engage with other dieters with similar interests and struggles. MyFitnessPal uses the latest in health and dieting research to create guidelines for caloric needs based on age, height, weight, lifestyle, and activity levels. A journal is available for food, exercise, measurements, and progress. By staying within the allotted calories customized to weight loss goals, dieters can gain fast results. Users can also go to forums and blogs to meet friends with similar weight loss goals. Friends can also view progress according to user privacy settings, and like and comment to help keep you motivated!


While there are many fad and gimmick diets out there claiming to work fast, it is important to lose weight the healthy way by maintaining slow and steady progress. For those who are obese, it may be safe to create a calorie deficit resulting in over two pounds of weight loss a week. For those who are overweight, but not obese, it is important to create a calorie deficit to result in a half pound to a pound each week. This is as much weight as can be safely lost as fat. Fast weight loss would result in lost muscle mass, or water weight. Before starting any diet plan, make sure to consult your health care resources.